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Golf Cart Warranty Information

Posted by Kyel G on 10/22/2016

Just Like New

Apex Golf Carts offers the best coverage for new and remanufactured carts, EV’s, and LSV’s. A variety of terms are available to cover your purchase.

A+ Rated Insurance Backing

All of our service contracts are backed by an A-rated insurance company specializing in providing insurance products.

Years of Experience

We’ve been in the service contract business since 1995, so your customers receive the benefit of years of experience and superior service.

No Exclusion for Wear and Tear

Our service contracts cover both mechanical breakdown and wear and tear. Your customers get a hassle-free trip to the repair shop.

Service Department Experience

We reimburse parts and labor at standard retail rates, not some unilaterally determined “discount” price. Service advisors contact us directly and we work efficiently and effectively with them.

Refurbished Golf Cars

$ 50 deductible added for all gas carts

Terms                                          Price
6 month                                      $300.70
12 month                                    $380.50
18 month                                    $550.30
24 month                                    $650.50
36 month                                    $780.50
48 month                                    $1000.00

New Golf Cars
$ 50 deductible added for all gas carts

Term                                                        Price
1 Year Extended                                    $470.50
2 Year Extended                                    $535.50
3 Year Extended                                    $652.50

Bad Boy Buggy
$50 deductible added for all gas carts

Term                                                        Price
1 year extended                                    $644.70
2 year extended                                    $873.50
3 year extended                                    $1159.50

Parts Comparison

Parts and Replacement Costs                                               PART CUSTOMER COST Price with EWG Warranty
MCor                                       $286
Motor                                      $856
Electronic Speed Controller $693
Brake Assembly Pedal $217
Spindle & Swing Arm Assemblies $90
Steering Shaft & Components Bearings $228
Steering Gear Box $243
Bushings $10
Fittings $10
Leaf Springs $70
Shocks— Front $36
Shocks~Rear $60
Main & Sub Electrical Wiring Harness $173
Accelerator Pedal Assembly $321
Computer Fail Sale System $358
On Board Signal Generator $456
Lighting System $267
Charger Block & Mechanism $147
Transaxle $500
Charger Plug receptacle $164
48Vo|t to 12 Volt Converter $288
Wheel Hub and Bearings $69

Total $5,542
Customer Liabilities without
a warranty


Coverage Term EWG Coverage
Club Car 24 60

EZ~GO 36 72

StarEV 24 60

Polaris 36 72

Yamaha 36 72

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