Apex Golf Carts specializes in Electric and Gas Golf Cart Sales, Rentals, Service, Parts and Accessories for any Golf Cart Project or Repair. Our headquarters is located in Laguna Hills, CA and service all of Southern California and ship products internationally.

We have a large inventory of Golf Cart Chargers, Voltage Reducers, USA Made Battery Cables, Contactor / Solenoid, Motor Controller, Electric Motors, Gas Engines, Brake Shoes and much much more. Our main focus in on both Electric and Gas Golf Carts and we stock a large inventory of parts for your convenience. Most golf cart parts leave our warehouses in 1-2 business Days and we always have in stock our most popular brands like Alltrax Motor Controllers, Duffy, Curtis Motor Controllers, D&D motors, Ford Think Parts, DPI Battery Chargers, Powerwise Battery Chargers, Delta-Q Chargers, Interstate Golf Cart Batteries, Trojan Golf Cart Batteries, Montenergy Motors and our very popular Battery Cables that are made in the USA.

We supply Golf Cart Parts and Accessories for your Neighborhood Electric Vehicles the Chrysler GEM(Polaris GEM), Ford Think Neighbor, ACG as well as may other NEV', LSV's, ATV's, Electric Tractors and Electric Boats.

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